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Evening all! The day job is administration, but for the last two or three years I've been ruminating over a story idea and now I'm on the stylistic edit of novel number 1. It's a 75,000 word portal fantasy about a shy 14-year-old girl who moves schools halfway through year 9 (a horrific experience that I can personally vouch for). She just wants to make it through her next 2.5 years without too much humiliation (and preferably without getting grounded for most of it by over-protective parents), but instead stumbles upon the entrance to a magical realm in the woods next to the new school. 

A certain amount of chaos ensues.

I am looking for somebody writing a similar genre who would like to swap for critiquing. In terms of my qualifications for such things, I can't claim to much, but I have an undergraduate degree in English Lit and Classical Studies, an MA in Ancient History and have taken three online writing courses. If nothing else, I'm a hawk for typos.

If you've managed to read this far, I thank you!

  • Hi I would be interested, though have not finished my first draft yet. I wrote a version of the one I am currently writing about 3 years ago, decided it was crap and am now rewriting most of it. Will you be at the FoW?

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    • Hi Jill, thanks for your reply! I would be very happy to see a chapter or two when you're ready. Then you can see if you like the way I critique. I wouldn't expect you to commit without a trial run! You might have already seen it, but if not, my opening chapter is on my profile if you'd like to check what you think of the way I write. It's very much a work in progress! A few members of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy group have been giving me pointers, so I keep making changes to it.

      I'm sadly not attending the festival on account of expensive home renovations. I'm dead jealous of those who are though!

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