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I am trying to research what engine such a vessel as the ones below in the 1920's / 30s would have had. I presume it would be powered by diesel. I am particularly interested in how to start it - would that be by a cord or a crank or a key?
I've been googling without luck. Any help welcome!image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=453&dpx=1&t=1621678599


    • I would approach boating museums, they usually have volunteers who know loads and loads about the subject.

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      • Thanks for the suggestion Georgina

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        • I once wrote something featuring Dorothy Levitt, who raced Napier motorboats in the early 1900s. Napier made diesel engines, though I don't know if they made diesel powered boats in the 20s/30s. I think petrol was as likely a fuel as diesel, in any decade.

          Anyway, I found the following site, which may give you something useful:


          You might also try the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, or similar.

          good luck!

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          • Thanks Glyn. I will look at this tomorrow. It's very kind of you. Paul

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