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Hi everyone, I've been a member for a while but I realised that I have never said hello here in the feed. So to swiftly rectify that, hello! I am looking forward to hearing what periods in time you all are writing and just to discuss writing more generally (and history of course, always up for that). I am currently planning out a novela/novel (length to be decided) set around the turn of the century in America, in the gilded age, as Mark Twain so aptly called this period. Ida

    • Hi Ida, Thank you for introducing yourself. The gilded age will surely offer you many interesting possibilities, as periods of transition always do. I'm preparing to self-publish a novel dealing with a somewhat different type of transition which also involves corruption: the prelude to the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and the Revolution itself.

      I was born in the States, lived in Chicago for a number of years, but have lived in France for a long time. Where do you live?

      I hope that your planning and writing goes well.

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      • Hi Janet, nice to meet you, I am currently in Spain. France is somewhere I have always enjoyed visiting, the chateaus are some of my favourite places, especially Chambord and Chenonceau. 

        The revolution in Czechoslovakia is not a period that I know much about. It must be a fascinating event to research. Are you finding it straightforward, as its a modern event so there are more sources available (in comparison to say a Medieval setting) or is it cluttered and hard to navigate? Would to love hear more about the research. All the best for your self publishing venture!

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        • Hi Ida, I continually amazed at the number of American ex-pats in this community! Have you been in Spain long? Although I live about 3-4 hours from Spain and have been as far West as Carcassonne, I have never trarvelled farther. Kind of silly, isn't it. Where are you in Spain?

          I, too, love the chateaux, and the two you mentioned are among my favourites.

          Thanks for you questions about my novel. I was actually living in Prague at the time of the VR (and was there as of 1987, 2 years before). I started researching the contributions of small theatres, which were decisive and which I knew a lot about, right afterwards for a non-fiction article. I worked at a new historical institute which was made up of historians who had been out of favour with the regime, so developed good connections right away. Later, when the novel appeared in my head, I spent several research stays in Prague lasting 2-4 months. (I've been working on the novel a loooong time.) More and more there's loads of stuff on the internet. Since the fall of Communism continues to be discussed, there's more almost every week. It's almost a case of too much rather than not enough!

          I hope the development of your own novel goes well. Please keep everyone posted on here.

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          • No way! I'm in Spain too. 

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          • Hello Ida, 

            I am writing a 10 part series set in the glorious 1300s. Each time I think the saga is complete, I come up with more ideas that are just too good to pass up, so the series gets longer, haha. 

            How are you finding the planning stage? I find that to be the most fun part in my experience - that and reading back the finished product, haha. 

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            • Hello Jordan, Your series sounds really interesting. Where is it set? Has the black death crept into your plot or the beginning of the hundred years war? I know what you mean about ever expanding ideas. I am having that happen at the moment, I had a three part story planned but now as I am exploring the characters, I think it may have to be longer. Yes the planning is the most fun! I think I often procrastinate on the writing by prolonging the planning:) I find that I like to have a roadmap before I do any writing, especially for a longer story. I need to know where I am heading and a rough idea of the ending. Its hard for me to write without having a plan. 

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              • I feel like I've found my writing twin! Apart from your love of the Victorian era, of course... 😂 

                The series starts in 1355, so after the Black Death, but the Hundred Years War plays a big part in some of the plot. As a matter of fact, I will be writing Book 2 this summer and will be constructing the Battle of Poitiers, which is very exciting. 

                My series is initially set in England, but as it progresses, the story moves around to places like France, Spain, North Africa, Scotland, and even Cyprus. 

                I know what you mean about procrastination... I've been sitting on an unfinished novella for over a year now, which I am determined to get done this summer as well. The thing is, I'm not so good at shorter pieces of fiction at the moment, unfortunately. 

                And, yes, I am a thorough planner too.  I need to know the end from the beginning and initially get my outline of events sorted before I start to write so that in every chapter and scene I know how it starts and where I need to get to, which gives me the freedom to make up the bits in between as I go along. 

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              • Hi Ida. Welcome. What's your story about?

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                • Hi Kate, Thank you for the welcome. My story is currently about a wealthy industrial family and their lives over three generations, starting in the end of gilded age. It's about family relationships (and will have a bit of romance). I am currently planing to write each section of the story set in one day. So the story has one day in 1905, one day in 1920 etc. To give a snapshot of the family throughout the years. I am still working this out at the moment but that's my plan so far. I am starting the first chapter at the moment so I'll see how it goes. 

                  Are you writing or planing a project at the moment? 

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                  • The one day slots sound like a unique and intriguing plan. Especially with a romance involved. I hope you can make it work.

                    I'm mid first draft of a new WIP, but not HF.

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