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 A girl who is the product of two races, meets a girl who is the product of two species.

TOKEN STONE, The Girl in the Cage, is the first book in a trilogy about a cursed child. It is set among the warring tribes of north Wales and Ireland at the end of the Stone Age.

A disfigured baby girl, the result of an illicit union between the leaders of two opposing tribes, is born on a foreign shore. Her father has already been murdered, and her mother dies in childbirth. The only clue to her identity and her inheritance as chieftain of both tribes, is the token stone around her neck. There are those who are determined that this inheritance should not be claimed. All they have to do is find her.

The community into which she has been born regard her as a curse. She spends the next five years bound in a cage, devoid of all human contact. As a result the only instincts she knows are those of an animal. When the cage is finally broken open a banshee emerges, unable to feel or express any human emotion.

Things begin to change however when something that looks similar to a twelve year old girl comes out of the caves of the White Mountain and rescues her. What she doesn't know is that her new friend is already over a thousand years old.

    • Hi Kate. thanks for your kind thoughts.  I have spent the last few month just sitting quietly with the finished manuscript and mulling over how to present it to agents. In doing so I was surprised to discover that I didn't really know what it was about. It was written in a stream of consciousness with an ending firmly in mind but no plan as to what was going to happen in the process. So it just evolved into an epic adventure.  Now that I've had time to take stock I have a good feeling about how it has worked out.

      In the light of my musings I have written a new elevator pitch that better describes the core of the story.

      'A dark yet compelling tale of a disfigured child's survival in an age where to be different means death'

      Submitted it to a few agents yesterday. All I can do now is wait.  And get on writing the sequel.

      Happy days.

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      • Fingers crossed for you. :)

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      • Good luck. It sounds rather intriguing.

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        • Hi Alan. Huge luck with your submissions - fingers crossed for you. Do you mind me asking what your intention is with the cover is you're subbing to agents? I assumed when I saw it you were self pubbing. Excuse me if I've missed something from a previous conversation

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          • Hi Lynn, good to hear from you.

            The option to self publish is on the back burner until I see how my agent submissions go.  If I get repeated rejections then I will look for alternatives.  My story though has some publishing disadvantages that agents and publishers might find daunting.  Firstly it is very long, some 240,000 words whereas the recommended length for a first time author is in the region of 80,000 to 100,000. Secondly it covers an era that not many people are interested in, the late Neolithic.  Bronze age waring tribes and metal weaponry are far more de rigueur these days.  But this is a story that my head demanded that I write. I live in the area where most of it is set, surrounded by neolithic tombs and henges.

            The book cover I have worked on is just a trial. The pattered symbol across the front and back is the Token Stone of the title. A real book cover designer will obviously come up with something better, but these are the elements I would like it to include.

            If all else fails I'll self publish a few copies and give them to my grandkids as something their granddad did.

            Bye for now.  Alan Drwm

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          • Hi Alan

            Just wanted to say that normally I wouldn't go for that type of book at all - just not my thing. However...I was genuinely intrigued by the description. If it can do that to me, I would hope you stand a very good chance with it!

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            • Sounds amazing, Alan. Good luck with it. If it goes onto Amazon, via the agent/publisher route or if you self pub, I'd love to read it.

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              • Thanks Carol. It's out with agent enquires now.  Time to concentrate on the next two parts of the trilogy. 

                What are you working on?

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                • My genre is fantasy/paranormal. I've nearly finished the MS for book one of what I hope will be a series. 

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