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Hi, ya'll!

I purchased the membership of Jericho Writers for myself as a Christmas present, because writing is the thing I want to do and because I HAVE to get writing in earnest!
I've just been sifting through the materials and already been helped.
Wow, is all I can say!

I've been writing since I retired at 65. Of course, I also wrote before that but didn't really have the time. Writing requires time - at least in my case and an uninterrupted chunk of time at that. Let's see how it goes. I have been studying how to write for at least ten years and have a gazillion books about writing from John Truby, Ann Lamott to Robert McKee, among several others.

I'm a native Finn, live in Finland and write in Finnish. I hope to find friends with whom to discuss "the unbearable lightness of writing" 😉 and to share tips.

Oh! I almost forgot! I write in the Cozy Mystery genre.

Happy to be here!
Thanks for reading! 👍

  • Hi Christine and welcome to the community! 

    I'm the community manager here so if you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to ask. 

    What is the mystery scene like in Finland? Is that a very popular genre and which other Finnish authors would you recommend? Are you writing novels or short stories or both? 


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    • Thanks for the welcome, Holly!

      Mysteries are rather popular here in Finland, but I've sensed that the Nordic Noir is losing its charm: too dark and melancholic.

      I'd recommend Outi Pakkanen, Jaana Lehtiö, Hanne Dahl and Ata Hautamäki. These came first to my mind, as I love Cozy Mysteries. I don't think their books have been translated into English.

      Of course, there are a lot more women here in Finland writing Mysteries or Detective stories.

      I'm writing - or learning how to - write a Cozy Mystery. I've also written short fictional stories and non-fiction articles.

      Glad to get to know you, Holly.

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      • BTW I mostly read books written in English. Only occasionally books that are written in Finnish. I'm also a member of Sisters In Crime and their Guppy Chapter. Have been for years :).

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