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Hi,  I'm new to Jericho Writers and just feeling my way into the Townhouse and all the great Jericho materials. I live 8 months each year in West Kerry, Ireland and spend 4 months over the northern winter in Melbourne, Australia. I started out writing short plays then moved into children's fiction with one picture book successfully published by Penguin Australia/NZ and two ready to go out into the world of agents and publishers. Some Australian and Irish publishers will still read manuscripts sent to them direct - does this ever happen in other countries?  Recently I have started to write a commercial fiction/women's/book club novel located (you guessed!) in Australia and Ireland. When I'm not writing I'm studying for a Masters Degree online, playing saxophone, giving workshops on healthy ageing, running, growing/selling organic vegetables, helping to run an arts festival and a food festival, travelling and other good stuff. I want writing to be a bigger part of 2020.  I'd like to think that one published book wasn't a total fluke but I didn't really want to write picture books so it was a bit of a dead end.  I need to take my writing more seriously to see what is possible. That's why I'm here in Jericho Writers.

  • Hello, Jill

    Just joined the Townhouse myself. Met a few interesting writers so far. I think it's wise of you to pursue the literary areas you feel most comfortable in. If picture books aren't your passion, then so be it. I too need to tackle my writing a bit more seriously from now on. I've got two books completed and a rough draft of another, plus six more are in my head that need to come out sooner or later. I had no idea learning the craft of writing would be so hard. I should have joined the circus instead and just learned how to catch bullets in my teeth. It would have been a lot easier🙂

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    • Hello Jill and Ed,

      Ed, ha ha, loved the circus comment.  It's not that difficult, really.  At least I don't see it as such.  Writing a book is the easy bit.  Writing it well is the difficult part but, after working your way through the JW courses and other material, your work will get better with each edit.  That is my experience to date.  Whether that will result in representation and ultimately, publication remains to be seen.  It's out seeking representation at the moment, so we'll see.

      Keep safe during these difficult times.

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