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Hello and thanks for allowing me to join. I've always been interested in history. Currently I've wrote two scripts about historical events. The first is about the challenge to become the first to successfully fly across the Atlantic non-stop (Alcock and Brown). My second is about Grace Darling. Currently I'm writing a feature about Hereward the Wake.

    • Hi James - welcome to the group. I read about Alcock and Brown in Colum McCann's Transatlantic. It was just a single thread among others so there wasn't a great deal of information, but I think it would make a fascinating subject.

      Grace Darling I hadn't heard of. (Now Googled). That's the great thing about HF - always new facts to learn. 

      And Hereward the Wake's period of history is one I love - though I don't know much about him.

      Lots of fascinating projects you've got on the go.

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      • Hi James, Welcome. I didn't know of Grace Darling either, googled also. How interesting!

        Are your scripts for a documentary? television? Have you had experience script writing? I write historical fiction and have played around with scripts. At the moment, I'm line-editing a ms which leads up to the Velvet Revolution, which I lived through. (1st of 2 vols; the 2nd deals with the actual Revolution.)

        You'll like Jericho - it's a great community.

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        • Thanks for the welcome. My scripts are feature in length, in other words between 100=130 minutes. If you're interested in scriptwriting I can recommend scribelounge which is an online community for scriptwriters.

          I like to write about historical events that have been almost forgotten (or never generally known about), that both educate and inspire. The ones were you are surprised that no one has ever made a film about. It is my intention to give a voice to those who need their stories told to a wider audience. Also bring to the screen events that may have never been or had films that were made so long ago they have been either forgotten or in desperate need for a newer version. For example there has never been a film made of Alcock and Brown nor of Hereward the Wake (there was a BBC series back in the 60's, but that no longer exists). Whereas regarding Grace Darling there was a film made in the later 1930's.

          If I work out how I'll put links on to my scripts on this group. However they are on the Peer to peer forum.

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        • Welcome, James! We're glad to have you. 

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          • Hello James and welcome. I've never heard of Hereward the Wake and don't know too much about that period of history, it all sounds fascinating. 

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