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Hi everyone,  I’ve been a member of Jericho for a while now and have written one as yet unpublished novel. Great to pop in, read about your progress and what you’re enjoying just now.  Angela

    • Hi Angela, what is you novel about, what time period?  I'm like you, I have an, as yet, unpublished novel.  I sent the synopsis and a few pages to seven agents today. I now have to just sit and wait.  I chose ones who said they were interested in historical fiction.  It is an enormous feeling of relief that after years of writing, re-writng and editing, that I can now do no more. It's in the lap of the gods.  Had a drink to celebrate.  

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      • Alan - good morning to you, too. Congratulations on completing your novel. You've obviously worked hard on it and I can imagine the relief after several years of that. Don't waste any time in getting on with your next, though! (As long as you're not plagued by the dreaded block). The  best of luck with your submissions.

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        • Hi Alan,

          Congratulations on finishing your novel and submitting. I wish you every success with it. My finished unpublished is set in 1860 England. I have had several personal replies from agents (submitted to 10) but no full manuscript request. So, I have launched into a new historical thriller and can only hope I will be able to put into action some of what I’ve learned from my first. I haven’t given up on the first but I have overdosed on it!  What time period are you in?

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        • Good morning, Angela.  I hope you haven't drawn a complete blank with your novel.  When you're waiting for responses, it's a bit of a nailbiter and it's well known that you don't get answers from most agents but gird up your loins and keep going!

          If you have drawn a blank, you could always leave it for a while then try doing what I've been doing lately.  I've revised two books that I wrote years ago and re-submitted them (well, I'm in the process of re-submitting the second.  Second batch due out soon).  With the first - also an historical novel - I'm assuming I've got nowhere but the second, partly 1950s, is one I'm sending to appropriate agents I've never used before. (I found the client list on the Association of Authors' Agents website useful there.)

          In the meantime, I'm trying to plan my next book (non-historical).  Bit of a block there. 

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          • Hi Blakeney, I have drawn a blank. The most encouraging response I received was ´I didn’t quite love it enough but I’m sure another agent will snap it up.´ as I’ve submitted to 10 and they haven’t, I’m grateful for her encouraging words. Like you, I’ve now set it aside and started something new. I’m trying to plan a sharper, more coherent plot structure because I wrote straight off last time then had to go back through adding, rearranging plot points and hiding more red herrings. Good luck with your new submission and with your planning for your new novel. Angela

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            • Hello Angela, I've been reading back through some of your comment replies and your novels sounds interesting, I love the high Victorian age (I like all of history really but the Victorian age is one of my favorites). I think that having a finished novel is a huge achievements in itself, so congratulations! Are you going to keep submitting it to agents whilst you try something new?

              I personally find plotting ahead of time massively important for me. I am probably a bit of an over-plotter - I have every chapter and scene pretty much locked down before I begin writing. I often think of plotting a bit like story boarding for a film, I want the whole book to flow like a movie in my head and then that way I can pace out the scenes, character emotions etc. Of course my plots are often quite simple so that helps:) 

              Good luck with your new book. Are you in the same time period or have you time traveled to pastures new?


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              • Hello Ida, Thanks for your comments. Your method of plotting sounds super organised. I had a plot outline but because of odd things I’ve had to check on while writing, have added in a couple of aspects I hadn’t imagined at the start. The time period of this one is about 50 years earlier, which is actually a huge difference, I didn’t realise quite how much when I began. I was so enthused when I thought of the idea I couldn’t resist though. I’ve paused the submissions for now as I’ve set myself an ambitious time target of 1000 words a day for the first draft. That’s hilarious considering it took me literally years to finish the first. As a matter of interest, what kind of novels do you read for pleasure and have any inspired you? Angela

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