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Hello everyone, I've been looking at and contributing to Townhouse for some time but have only just come across this group. I think I have been missing out! Looking forward to contributing.

My WIP is set in the late 1930's and the early years of WW2. 

    • Hello Steve and welcome. Your books sounds cool, WW2 was a period I was fascinated with for a long time, particularly life on the home front. What sort of genre is your WIP? 

      Do you watch many of the films made during this period? I'm a huge old movie buff and I find they are really useful for research and just to get a feel for the period. 


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      • Hello Ida, and thank you for the welcome. 

        My book is complete and I am in the difficult process of writing a synopsis - so tricky. Next step, submitting. The book is an historical adventure following an unhappily married woman who goes seriously off the rails. Set initially in Kenya, we then move back to Britain at the start of WW2 with action in various locations - mostly London, Somerset and Pembrokeshire. I posted the opening chapters a little while ago.

        I like the idea of using films of the period as a resource. However, those made during WW2 are essentially propaganda and thus designed with a message. For vehicles, agriculture and industry, clothes, interiors of houses etc. they could be most useful. Early Ealing commedies could be a good resource (though a few years after WW2) and well worth a watch. Thanks for the tip!

        What are you currently working on?


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