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Hope everyone doing well, sorry haven't been active for a few months but have been away. Away inside my own head. Happy/relieved to be writing again. Anyone up for reading a just-over 300 word prologue for a historical mystery set in 1850s? If you are will message text to you. Cheers, K.

    • Always happy to read your work.

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      • Always find your comments so constructive & on point; will message it over, thanks Kate.

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        • Hello, I'd love to read your prologue. The 1850s sounds a really interesting period to write about. The crystal palace exhibition in 1851 is a location I have earmarked for a story one day. 


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          • Hello, I’d love to read your prologue and it’s great to have you back! I hope whatever you’ve been busy with was pleasant and successful for you. Angela

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