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I heard once, that the best way to plan, is to just do everything you can, chopping the draft, here, plot point, there. I am mystified however, because I don't know if I'm writing to style readership, or for fantasising. I am aware, that there is a deep censorship on writing, and a deep connection with grammatic device. So, I'm wanting to prevent my book from burning, whilst a the same time preventing it from reaching some upper echelon of sensationalism, but I don't know what is right? I'm looking for some maturity here, so the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

  • HI Samaulle,

    I'm not totally sure as your post is not 100% clear (well at least to my uneducated brain) but it feels like you might be over-complicating the writing process before you even get started. I would advise you just to write what flows out of you and worry about all the rest of it later.

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    • So you're saying the engine powers on, and inspiration comes from a precipice? 

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    • Hi Samaulle,

      If I'm 'hearing' what you're saying correctly, you're frustrated at the friction between what you WANT to do (creatively speaking), and what you feel OBLIGED to do.... yes? 

      You seem to feel a powerful desire to use language creatively and unconventionally, yet are mindful there is a "... deep censorship on writing, and a deep connection with grammatic device." You sound like you loathe formulaic constraints, but are aware they cannot be completely disregarded.

      My thoughts, for what they're worth, are tied in to my own beliefs about everyone having a 'purpose' and being created unique for a very good reason: if your writing is unlike anyone else's, then your prospective readers and future fans are out there somewhere saying, "Thank god for this guy!" and (im)patiently waiting in the wings for you to put your fabulousness out there into the world soon so that they can find you 😉 

      Finding that workable balance (between giving free rein to your creativity and yet staying 'accessible' for a big enough readership for your work not to "burn") will probably be a process of trial and error. 

      Be brave enough to be different. "No one ever changed the world by trying to be like it."

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      • You sort of remind me of my belief in heaven and hell, and how they should work together, but don't?

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        • Writing between the lines, or outside the lines? That's what I mean, though.

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          • I think as long as the 'lines' are still traceable in there somewhere, dance around them as much as you like.

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          • Personally, my first (and only so far!) novel I just wrote. Didn't think about plot, voice, POV or anything. I added chapters at different points and all sorts. I am working on the 5th draft having messed up the 4th by getting my POV mixed up.

            I am starting to think about my second. It will be very different. The writing Festival, last September, helped me to see some really useful planning tools, as did James' video. This story will need planning.

            Basically what I am saying is plan if it helps, don't if it doesn't. Once you have the first draft then you can work on it and improve it. 

            Hope that's useful. If you wanted to look at the stuff from the Festival and video they are on the Jericho website I think.

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            • Some writers do, some writers don't. It all has to do with perspective. And whose ever heard of second person?

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              • Second person narrative voice is "You...", ie. "You know when you're getting close: your heart starts to race and your head feels like it's gonna explode, blah blah blah..."

                Can't think of any now, but I have read entire short stories and sections within novels that have been narrated in the second person. It can be really interesting.

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                • Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney

                  You by Caroline Kepnes

                  One of the POVs in Everything Under by Daisy Johnson

                  the 2nd POV is quite popular with short stories right now as well.

                  I quite like 2nd POV.

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                • I think it's useful to think of your narrator(s) as being either internal - a first person voice - or external - revealing the story from a third person viewpoint. So, is the second person POV internal or external? 

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                  • I have been smoothing out the burrs. I feel like I’m rolling a stone down a hill. Have you ever had a conversation where you felt like you were basically mediating? I hope to one day make the perfect bap.

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