Feed Item

I agree but in Faulks' case I'm not sure that's what's happening. Most of the report is from a journalist rather than him but he seems to have used feedback to review his approach. Assuming the quote is his real words, he says, 'Instead of getting all huffy and puffy and grumpy old man about it, I thought about it a lot.'  This seems the right thing to do and presumably that's why he told the audience about it. Of his novels I've only read Birdsong, and so long ago I can't remember details, but I've heard him on the radio a few times and he comes across as generous with descriptions of how he writes and how he sees craft issues. 

I also don't know how the article obtained the quotes from Bernadine Evaristo and Dawn French but if I'm reading the article correctly they're on different topics from Faulks' reappraisal of how he describes women. They overlap but they're not the same thing. I think we're seeing journalism in action rather than useful lessons from successful authors.