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Hi. This sounds interesting. I'm wondering about the final rule: '... or violence of any kind.' Should that be changed to 'sexual violence'. What I mean is that some stories could feature a woman braining her abusive husband with a frying pan (I know - cliched!!), or there might be a punch-up between rivals, etc.  I'm sure you get my drift.

    • Hi Peter,

      You're right, we mean sexual violence and have changed the guidelines to reflect that. Thanks. However, we would not typically expect to see any form of violence associated with sex or romance on this groups. Elsewhere in the piece would be acceptable if it supplements the plot (ie vampire attacks in a steamy paranormal romance book etc), as long as it's not gratuitous or unnecessarily graphic. But bear in mind this group is for romance writers, so we expect romance-centric samples and posts to reflect concerns about writing for that genre.

      Hope that helps!

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      • Hi Emily. I guess there are issues regarding the breadth of the genre. I've read a few Nicholas Sparks novels (e.g. Safe Haven). Some of these are great romances but, in some cases, there are elements of the 'thriller' included. However, if the aim of the group is to focus on the purely romantic aspects of romance writing, that's fair enough.

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