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Okay, so I do seem to exist, after all. I must have left the page with hitting POST. I'll try again...

So, my question for the brilliant hive mind is all about Draft2Digital. 

I have just done a trial run of editing a short reader magnet on D2D. The main body of the text looks fine, but it really didn't like what I did with titles and subtitles etc. D2D decided that my titles should be on a different page to the text, and generally messed around with my formatting (which looked fine in Word).

Is there any way I can edit within D2D? I have tried using the different templates, but they don't do the job. I have tried editing the original Word document differently, but to no avail. Really, I just want to dive into the D2D version and mess around with the layout to get it how I want it.

Have I missed some obvious functionality within D2D that allows me to do that, or have I just hit the limit of what you can do with free software?

I've only just joined this Group (inspired by my D2D problem), and I have read through previous threads, but couldn't find a definitive answer.

If there is no solution, then I'll probably have to try a different approach. I've seen references to Atticus, Vellum and Reedsy in this Group. I don't have an Apple Mac, so I presume that takes Vellum off the board. How about the other two? Or any others?

I'm sure you've all discussed this subject to death many times already, but if anyone could jot down a brief summary of the different options, I would be very grateful.

    • I've just had a look at the free editing tool on Reedsy, and it's just as bad as D2D. 

      Also looked up the price of Atticus - $176.40. Hmm. Maybe I'll try the 30 day free trial...

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