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I haven't written a word for several days. I've been testing out all the different options for creating an ePub and MOBI file for my planned reader magnet.

- Draft2Digital - straightforward interface, but very little flexibility. Take it or leave it.

- Atticus - Better options for different layouts, but still quite limited. $170.

- Vellum - Only good for Macs.

- Reedsy - Nah. Limited.

- PressBooks - Not bad, but when I took the ePub file and got BookFunnel to turn it into a MOBI, it replaced all the quotation marks with an A with a circumflex, the Euro sign and the Trademark sign!

- Calibre - Clunky, but actually very good at turning a Word document into both ePub and MOBI. And free (donations welcomed).

So, I've gone with Calibre. I did struggle a bit to get the Contents page. Ended up just creating contents page in the original Word document, which was successfully carried across, but didn't generate the drop down contents menu on my Kindle. Not a problem for my short story, but might be more of a pain for a proper book with chapters.

    • I've only used Vellum, so not much help to you, but it is excellent.

      The other thing you could do is go for Adobe, they have plenty of options, or QuarkXpress. I've been using Quark for years and they are fine, but people tend to dismiss them these days.

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      • I use Vellum and think it is wonderful

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        • Hello, I used Calibre to create ePub and MOBI files to send my book to beta readers. No one complained. It successfully carried over a map, so I was very pleased about that. I see that two are very happy with Vellum. I do write on a Mac, so I may give that a go. Next step : get that reader magnet done ! Because it's been several days for me too since I last did any writing ; battling for that book cover :-o

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