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Hi, just curious, my posts don't show on my home page - I thought they should list there. Or is that only for posts one has started oneself?

  • I think this is one of those "it depends" scenarios. The behaviour is different depending whether it's a personal timeline post, a group timeline post, a forum post, or a blog post. (I may be missing a variant or three.) There is no logical consistency between them…

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    • Thanks Rick!

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      • Hi Paul, 

        Rick is right, there are some characteristics of the platform our community is built on which can be a but 'quirky'. We're currently trying to tweak and improve within the boundaries of what is possible so this is useful feedback. Do you look at your 'dash' (which you can find by clicking on your name in the top right)? You can also get to it here: https://community.jerichowriters.com/page/dashboard 



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        • I, like many newcomers, although not so new as I see my membership renewal is coming up. I do find it difficult to work out the most relevant corner of Jericho to get involved with. How to receive only relevant notifications and where best to contribute.

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          • Every now and again I get a notice in red saying that something has 'expired' What does that indicate?

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          • Agreed Ron and Paul it's hard work tracking your comments down

              I think they need to decide on some more specific themes for the forum so we'd know at least where we'd be likely to find people.

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