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Hi everyone. I am writing a romance novel with sci-fi and fantastical elements. It has a modern-day setting, and the protagonist travels back in time and experiences soul connections. The story involves soulmates living in different lifetimes and this involves her current-day love interest and the antagonist. The book includes a scenario set in the future.

In my novel, there are sex or lovemaking scenes. This is a natural plot progression and reveals the dynamics of the characters involved. To me, romance and passion go hand in hand, but I hasten to add that in my book, there are no graphic details nor a detailed play-by-play narration (nothing wrong in the right channels).

Diana Gabaldon, a famous and successful author, has written 9 novels with many plot lines. Her time travel books depict the eternal love between the Twentieth Century heroine and her Eighteenth-Century Scotland husband. The sex and rape scenes are well-written and not at all offensive. Diana's books are the source material for the hugely successful "Outlander" TV series, with fandoms spawned not only for her books but for the TV series and the actors. Fans of the TV series know there are many steamy scenes, and a lot of skin displayed.