Feed Item

For me, doing NaNo, was a chance to prove if I had the tenacity to go for a target and stick to it. I had an idea in my head (which was sparked by the combination of a couple of things). A new bench has recently been installed on the communal ground outside our house, and some years ago while waiting for a train at Retford, a young woman started talking to me about a recent unwanted experience. Even though I’m retired, and so may not have the time constraints that others do, it was still tough at times to find the time to sit and write, especially when a builder is filling the house with dust.

I did the 50K words. According to Grammarly and Pro-Writing Aid, I’ve ended up with “English as she is spoke”. No doubt if Harry Bingham was to review it, he might fall about laughing at the awfulness of it. BUT - I have the kernal of a book that I can hone at my leisure. I know that there are some gaps in the plot. I know I want to change the beginning. I know I want to enhance the characters backgrounds and profiles. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you achieved the 50K or not, the exercise on producing words is what really matters to me. You’ll have something that can be taken forward and developed.