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I'm of the same generation as Lajazz. My self-published story is from two generations earlier. The next book will tell of the between war years ~ 1920 to 1939 and, assuming I get that far, then the war years. The main reason I self-published was that I wanted to meet the 100-year anniversary date of the events described. I have made a number of mistakes on the way. One was not to plan and initiate my marketing strategy before publishing my book. So now I have to catch up and learn how to market on-line. 

I have read your page and a bit and I find it engaging and would almost certainly read more if it was available. It has a strong element of nostalgia in it for me. However, my generation can't be the main target readership. There are not too many of us left.

  • Look forward to reading some of yours, Ron.  I agree about the readership.  Quite a few people have read mine and feel it would ideal for use in schools as presenting the more recent past in a more accessible way.  Well done for getting your first published.

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