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OK, so when looking for a romance, what sort of title font attracts?! And why are nearly all the romance writers women!

    • Uh, that depends on the subgenre you write in. And it's not only the font, the whole cover has to be "on topic", otherwise your readers won't bite. If you want to design your own cover, the best approach is to check industry standard in your subgenre (e.g. I write paranormal romantic mysteries, so the colours would be more sombre, and you're more likely to use a serif font, with halos, sparkles and stuff). Quite honestly, the safest approach is to get a professional cover designer. As to why romance writers are mostly women - mh, the readers are mostly women (just like for the cozy mysteries), but having a different take on the genre to my mind is a good thing....

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      • That's interesting, it may be down to the degree of romance (he said hopefully). In which case maybe a different take could still take the bite. Is your sub genre the paranormal mystery? I think romance is my sub genre but it's not far behind the main genre. My professional designer has gone for the romantic font and I'm wondering if that's going to disappoint. But if I go for a thriller font nobody will know what a romance they missed!

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