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This is what I've gotten so far

Apparently taking the scene in and the Sisters take on the matter made Bradley reassess the situation and take it in as a whole. He began to quickly lose color in his face, and he rudely shoved myself and the Sister out of the way as he got clear of the two of us, just as quickly and much more violently lose his lunch, and the rest of the food he ate this week I’m guessing.

“They’re….real?” Bradley asked as clearly and carefully as he could as to not choke on any excess spit or whatever else was in there between vomit spasms.

What I am unhappy with is the use of the term vomit spasms, can anyone advise on anything else to use??? I've posted this question elsewhere and I have gotten answers to many unasked questions but haven't received any advice on anything else to use other than vomit spasms. I am unclear what I don't like about it at this time, just doesn't sound correct.

    • I'll point you to a thesaurus – https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/vomiting – and offer one not on the list: eruptions. Or, focusing on the motions, heaves.

      In the other-comments, I will say that the sentence construction is a bigger problem: it can be read as not choing on whatever is between the spasms (that's how I read it the first two times) or as you intender, and not choking between the spasms, one whatever's in there. Fixing that structure for clarity may make vomit spasms more acceptable, or alternatives easier to find.

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      • I actually think I was making it a lot more complicated than it has to be in the way I was thinking about it. I do appreciate your reply and feedback Thank You! And I had totally spaced on the use of a thesaurus, it has been a while since I have been back at the old writing block.

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      • Why not simply "bouts of vomiting"? Though, to be honest, the sentence as such for me isn't quite where it should be. 

        “They’re….real?” Bradley asked as clearly and carefully as he could as to not choke on any excess spit or whatever else was in there between vomit spasms.

        If somebody is struggling with nausea the notion of "clearly and carefully" is a bit of a non sequitur. Yes, you're trying to modulate that via the "as he could", but this attempt at explaining things not only veers into telling, it also takes us away from the sensation of a really nasty upchuck. 

        Then, the repeated use of as is problematic, especially when it comes to "as not to choke". 

        Plus, you're being a tad unclear "excess spit or whatever else was in there". In where? And by naming spit, you're actually being rather precise. If you've ever eaten a bad mussle, you'll know that wondering about what exactly is trying to get out is the last thing on your mind... 

        I think, this is trying to do too much and you risk confusing your reader. 

        "They're...real?" Another wave of nausea rose and Bradley ground his teeth/groaned/snapped his mouth shut whatever. 

        Simple is always better. A thesaurus is always your friend, I use powerthesaurus, but that's all about personal preference

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