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Hi everyone,

Hope you're staying well in these continuingly strange times. It appears the pandemic has been made into a trilogy... 

I've finally taken the plunge and published my debut (the first of what I hope will be a seven-book arc, aimed at the YA market). Harry was kind enough to choose a section from the second in the series (The Children of Excalibur - now complete in its second draft) to feature in one of his live editing sessions. 

I may still have a long way to go, and it's up to others to decide if this is any good(!), but I do know it's immeasurably better than it would have been without Harry's weekly posts of wisdom. I'm grateful to him and the many other kindred souls on Jericho whose wise words have helped me polish my writing. 

If anyone fancies Arthurian-themed dystopian fantasy, set in a very near-future, locked-down Britain (sound familiar?), please check it out: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09N2RWCWS 


    • Exciting! Congratulations!

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      • Like the cover, that will draw people in. Also the present tense style is engaging. I hope it is a hit.

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        • Thank you. I appreciate that. Currently working on editing the sequel. I find it a wonderful escape from the January blues!

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          • congratulations Nick. The cover and blurb certainly look good. I hope it sells well and the next 6 follow its success!

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            • Thanks, Kate. It would be lovely! Have something of a roll on, with the writing; but I’ll face the usual self-pub marketing challenges…small steps and lots to learn…

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