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Hi All

Quick question. 

Does anyone know the quickest way to find out lifetime sales to date of each of my books on Amazon? There is a lot of information available on the dashboard, but not this very straight forward statistic - how many books have I sold in total?

I only seem to be able to do it by a painful adding up of different months of sales.


    • If you go to KDP reports you can look under historical 

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      • 1. Go to 'Try the new KDP reports Beta' - click

        2. Select 'Orders' - click

        3 Select 'Choose a date - select 'Custom' then insert you dates.(you may get a choice saying 'lifetime'.

        4. Select a title. (or leave it at All if you want the total of every books sales}


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        • Thank you both. You still have to manually count up the sales though no?

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