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Hey all! Thanks for letting me into the group! I have a deep love of folktale and fairytale, write my own YA Fantasy based on it and have been reading it for a loooong time. From Grimm to Holly Black, I love anything that involves the murderous fey and folkloric tradition.
I also read academic texts on it - Currently reading Katherine Brigg's 'The Fairies in Tradition and Literature' and will be moving on to Jack Zipes' 'Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion' soon. Also avid subscriber to 'Gramarye: The Journal of the Chichester Centre for Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction' and have recently found that loads of Fairy Tale Review is now free to access on JSTOR.

And not to promote anywhere else when we all love Jericho, but just wondering if anyone here has signed up for Zoe Gilbert and LondonLitLab's 'Folk Tales in New Fiction' course in a few weeks' time?

Anyway, all this is to say that I would love, and do love, talking about folklore, fantasy fiction and fairy tale.:)

  •  Hi Hazel - I'm also a writer of YA (& MG) fantasy.

    Those books sound like some interesting reading. I shall have to take a look. And let us know what the course is like.

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    • Hi Hazel, welcome to the group! I love Jack Zipes, also Maria Warner, and Barbara G. Walker is one of my favourites (her fairy tales). I'll have to check out Katherine Brigg and Holly Black.
      Zoe Gilbert's course sounds extremely tempting, but I've got too many other groups and a course going at the moment, and I need to keep the time clear to finish my own current fairytale in progress.
      Many thanks for the other leads in your post. And like Kate, I'm also keen to hear more about Zoe's course. I'm sure it's going to be brilliant. Have fun!!

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