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Hello dear Fellow Fairytale Writers,

And welcome especially to all new members! Lovely to see this group grow.
I got to admit, I haven't posted much since founding this group, for many valid or silly reasons, which I won't bore you with. But now I finally have something worthwhile to share. Here we go:

I recently joined a course at WriteMentor where we post pieces of our WIP, and everyone who's signed up can give feedback to everyone else. We have different 'official' topics each month, however, we don't have to strictly stick to them.

Some examples of what we post are: 1– The concept of your story, 2 – The opening line or paragraph, 3 – A Synopsis, 4 – The first scene or chapter (preferably no more than 1000 words)

This is proving to be extremely valuable, and I feel my work is moving on in leaps and bounds as a result of this exchange.

That gave me the idea of creating a similar forum here – just for writers of fairy tales, but not necessarily only for children.

Let me know what you think, and if you have additional suggestions for topics on which you would like peer feedback, please add them to the list.

  • In case anyone is wondering... The course at WriteMentor is for children's book authors only.

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    • it’s always good to share.

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      • Great idea Veronika. Would you be able to critique my first scene of my middle grade novel? 

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        • Absolutely, Alison. Sorry I only picked up your message today!  Do you want to post it here or send me an email? (veronika.bond@yahoo.co.uk)

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