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Hi everyone,

I've bitten the bullet and joined as a JW member. I kept putting it off thinking I would do so when I had more time but today decided I should make more time.

Other than being proficient in complaint letters, I always thought writing was out of my reach due to my dyslexia and the education limitations I had. My first MS, a memoire, is currently undergoing copy editing which I'm finding a fascinating experience. At the start of that process my editor suggested I keep writing to keep my mind busy, I also think it was to stop the constant update requests from me. A project I started as a joke turned into a first draft of a romantic comedy. Although it's still very rough I very much enjoy it, and it showed me I had caught the words bug.

Now I'm sat with a short story that's darkly amusing, I guess in the fantasy genre, with six pages and growing of notes, keys, and plot ideas. I'm going to start the video course, How To Write, and develop this idea while using all the amazing resources JW offer their members.

I'd love to get to know other people in the writing world and this community for casual fun, or support and idea exchanging, and I'm looking forward to exploring the forum and site more.

Hope you all have a fabulous day


    • Hi Richard, I'm a memoirist too, and there is a Life writing  & Memoir group on here - look under Groups above. I was the last to post though - so we don't appear to be a very dynamic bunch. 

      It sounds as if you are almost ready to submit your MS for publication, which is where I'm up to. Jericho's Agent Match resource will be very useful to you and you can get your query letter checked over for free by some really helpful people at Jericho.  Plus there are useful webinars and blogs that give you a great heads-up about how to write submissions and stuff like that.

      I'm also editing a novel at the moment and hoping to get that into shape so I can submit that too. 

      This is a great place to learn and 'meet' people - everyone is friendly and of course we all understand what being a writer is like. Good luck with your writing.

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      • Hi Maggie, Lovely to meet you.

        Thank you for the welcome, sounds like we're in a very similar place in our writing, getting ready to submit while still perfecting the MS.

        I'll pop along to the groups section and check out the one you suggested xx

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      • Welcome Richard!

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        • I joined last summer, and haven't regretted it for a minute! The people here are wonderful, and usually very willing to give honest, helpful advice. The courses included with your membership are great as well, and Harry's HOW TO WRITE is a great place to start... his weekly emails are a lot of fun too.

          I'm sure you'll be glad you joined... and welcome!

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          • I'm right there with you regarding the weekly emails, that was part of what swayed me to join. I realized I was already getting such good advice I wanted to see what was behind the membership curtain.

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          • Welcome Richard

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