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I recently joined Jericho and the wonderful community of writers and ghostwriters in the U.K. and beyond. I am Robert Bruce Woodcox. I am a veteran ghostwriter, bestselling author and writing business consultant: www.theghostwriter.net/theghostworks I'm located in southern California and currently have several British writers and members of Jericho as consulting clients. I am big on mentoring writers in every phase of the business of writing and I look forward to joining in the dialogue with this new community and to learning what I can myself and how I might help any of you. My regular site is: theghostwriter.net I've written 46 books, two bestseller (one a NYTs bestseller) and am a Pulitzer Prize nominee for fiction in 2012. I plan on posting many helpful "opinions" thoughts and guides to helping others get published or self publish. Hello out there to Ian and Paul.

    • I like the cut of your jib sir. I was wondering if it would be possible, to approach the likes of Netflix with a completed novel? Thus by-passing traditional options.
      Regards Richard.

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