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Hope you all saw my post this week on getting paid in advance--always, no exceptions. This applies to ghostwriters in particular, but also freelance writers and authors--anyone who expects to be paid by a client, magazine or even publisher. The old rules no longer apply--they haven't for the last ten years at least. Streaming content like Netflix, HBO, et all are too hungry for quality content which up until the last five years has been sorely lacking in the online movies and series. They have changed the game as have those of you who were/are brave enough to demand a retainer and subsequent payments on a book job, be paid in advance. More details on my last post. I am also going to post my full contract for anyone to use FREE. No obligations.Cut and paste parts or use the whole thing. It's taken 26 years to perfect it and it's bullet proof protection for you AND your client where appropriate. Look for it this week near my picture. Look me up...I'm in California. Robert Bruce Woodcox  theghostwriter.net/theghostworks