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Hi all! My name is Naomi George :D I'm new to Jericho writers, and currently writing and illustrating a children's series based on a Welsh farm. I'm looking to connect with other writers and illustrators that are willing to give me some feedback on my manuscript, share inspiration, accountability, and words of wisdom. I'm also happy to read and review work of this genre, and help each other wherever we can. 

I have recently moved to Pimlico in London, and I'm also looking to meet and share ideas with like minded people, so if you would like to connect, either virtually or in person, I'd love to hear from you :).

I've attached a sample of some of my illustrations, along with the details of my social media below. 

Twitter: naomigeorge_

Instagram: naomigeorge_

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          • Hi Naomi, Welcome. I just wanted to say that although I write historical fiction I have been a college tutor and dealt with youngsters with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and EBD on the emotional side. I just love your illustrations that will definitely be intriguing to the young enquiring mind. Are you basing your age group within a certain range?

            Would love to stay in touch and have pressed 'Follow' to watch your progress and so hope you get lots of support and enthusiasm from those writing in your genre.

            Keep creating! 


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            • Hi Bashu,

              Thank you so so much for your lovely message :D. My series is aimed at children aged 9-12. I've just recently sent first book out to agents, however, having recently completed the 'Getting published' course on Jericho writers, and attending numerous webinars, I'm starting to think that perhaps it wasn't quite ready. 

              I've noticed that some people have posted the first couple of chapters on their threads, so I may do that, otherwise, I can send to individuals via email. 

              I do also love illustrating, and never know how to quite divide my time between the two disciplines 😂, but I try my best. Thanks so much for following, :D 

              I've recently created a website that I'm thinking of adding to. 


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              • Hi Naomi! Fellow middle-grade author here Would be great to connect and share words of wisdom with each other! 


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                • Hallo all, I am also a newbie, interested in writing for middle grade kids too. I am enjoying the humour and energy in your illustrations Naomi. V happy to connect and make some middle grade writer buddies!

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