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Hello there, 

I think we might have something in common there - the family theme, the German bit, the love for York (and in my case, the North York Moors) - ... so I would be happy to hear more from you! 

We go to England as often as we possibly can and divide our time between Yorkshire and the Cotswolds,  Yorkshire being my favourite place to write (I am very privilegedhere I know! My husband took me and the dog over for a spontaneous but much needed writing retreat in the spring - just me, my laptop, and the Benny dog on the farm - heaven!). 

As we always travel by car and take the dog as well (being keen walkers!), we pass through the Netherlands and take the ferry from Hoek of Holland!

That's it from me, you take care, and if you should change your mind about York ....



    • Certainly 'something' in common ... I had to enlarge your foto a few times as I thought it was my own post ;)  - still having to get round to the ins and outs of this forum. I was looking for a 'private message' function to use as I had a feeling we might be talking 'dogs' soon... We do the same Stena line crossing as well now. I used to have a season ticket for P&O but after their recent stunt, we dropped that. Shame, as our destination was always less than an hour from Hull. 

      Would love to chat more ... 



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