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I missed something there - sorry! Yes I know how it feels to have to write in German when your story is set in England and the characters feel ... Well, not English! I was lucky to have had four books published in Germany between 2008 and 2014, with a big Christian publishing house. The last one, Die Nachtigall, is historical fiction and is set in the village of Eyam,  Derbyshire,  in 1665/66, at the time the plague struck... When I asked the publishers whether they might want me to translate it in 2020, what with Covid reminding us perhaps of the plague (self-isolation, cutting the village off to prevent the plague from spreading...), they said no, so there was nothing I could do about that because, as Harry Bingham pointed out, it is not my book anymore, it's theirs! 

Before they said no though I made an attempt at translating the first chapter and I found it extremely challenging! Especially since I used the German people might have spoken at the time, leaning on literary models such as Theodor Storm, my favourite classic!). 

I also have one finished manuscript that never got published  - talking of dysfunctional families!! - which I am determined to use at some later stage.

Anyway,  I'm rambling! Sorry!

So I have abandoned German and decided to write all of my books in English now. After all, most people read English rather than German,  don't they? I know I do - I never read or watch anything in German if I can help it! Except Theodor Storm.