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Hello Jericho Community, 

I am joining the Jericho Writer's ultimate novel writing course this coming July, to take my fantasy novel manuscript to the next level, write the sequel, and discover what the best avenue for publishing is for me.

I am a resident of Holland, but am British and currently flowing between the two countries.

I am excited to make new connections and expand my work as an artist and mentor by publishing my novel. 

Have a great day all 


    • I'm taking the course too! We sound like we have very similar goals...

      Welcome... and I'll 'see' you in July!

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      • Hi Hazel, 

        Welcome! Another adopted Nederlander here, only with rather less flowing. The art connection has me interested straightaway - I'm still thinking about the practicality of my Gustav Klimt-themed romp (here). I'm writing commercial fiction with a speculative twist (I've learned to say that after a year of struggles with genre), and I think I'm also looking for that elusive next level, having received a flood of positive feedback, including from agents, followed by form rejections. I tell myself this is all part of the journey.

        Cheers, S.

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        • Hi, I am also starting the course - also writing a fantasy novel. Looking forward to it all starting in earnest.

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          • Hey - nice to meet you all - Very much looking forward to beginning this journey to bring my stories alive and into life :-) 

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            • Hi Hazel - I'm taking the course too! Looking forward to getting to know you and your writing :)

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              • Hi Hazel (and everybody else), I'm on the course too! See you all soon :)

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                • Hello everyone - looking forward to meeting you all and all the gifts that will come out of this next years journey 

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