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Hi Guys. Well it's official. I am an idiot! Have now managed to book all my sessions and 1:1s. Would advise everyone to get cracking on their bookings, especially 1:1s as they are going fast.

I just hope my writing is better than my pathetic technical ability!!

I am writing a memoir of my career teaching prisoners "inside". What's everyone else writing?

    • Sounds interesting Jude. Best of luck with your 1-2-1's. Mine is a literary fiction novel set in rural Norfolk in the 1970's about a lost boy stumbling towards adulthood, weighed down with the unresolved grief for his dead father. It's a tender and often lighthearted look at life in a parochial village where the vast Norfolk skies and the blistering heat of summer 1976 form the backdrop to a story of adventure, sexual awakening, friendship and loss. It's called Beautiful Absence. 

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      • Prisoners' literature. My wife used to teach writing in prison. She brought home a book written by a prisoner. It was an instruction manual about how to break into any make of car and how long it should take you. Her stories would make an interesting read but she prefers to write poetry.

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        • That sounds really interesting, Jude. My current novel is in the voice of an adult with learning disabilities, based both on my professional experience and the experience of friends. The story, however, is a complete fiction.

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          • Your novel sounds as if you must have had some interesting and maybe some scary moments. I am writing a historical novel that is based on facts that I found in some very old letters, all covering maritime history. The letters made me start thinking what happened next? Good luck with all your 1,2,1's I hope you find good advice and will complete your novel later this year. Good luck.

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            • I'm struggling to get access to the courses and 121s. Not on my dashboard... Can anyone advise? 

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