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Hi all,
I'm on the hunt for some beta readers for my middle-grade fantasy fiction novel. I've been submitting to agents and am not getting any responses, so I'm hoping to get some fresh eyes on where I might be going wrong. I'm new to this process as this is the first work I've sent out, so I'm worried I'm somehow missing the mark.

My novel opens on 12-year-old Poppy, she is struggling with the move up to secondary school and the changes it has wrought on her and her friends. She is also filled with concern for her father; why has he stopped coming home? And why won't her mother talk about it?

Poppy faces more changes when she and her brother are sent to their grandparents' canal boat for the summer. There they meet the cloud people, a race of beings who live in the sky and control the weather and the elements. They introduce Poppy and her brother to a world of magic, friendship, adventure and knowledge. 

But not all clouders are friendly. Some of them disapprove of humans, and some will do anything to keep her out of their world.

If anyone thinks that sounds worth a read please get in touch! I would love to find anyone willing to read the submission packet (query letter and 5,000 words), or the novel (complete at 60,000 words).
I am more than happy to read your work in exchange and offer what feedback I can. 
Thanks, everyone!

    • Hi Anita, I would be happy to take a look at the query package for you. I write middle grade books as well. What's your book about? It might help others to know a bit about the story so they can say whether it's something they could help with.


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      • Hi Sarah,

        Thanks for your message, yes I perhaps should have put more info into my post! I shall edit it to include more info.
        I've attached my query letter and first 5000 words here, any thoughts or feedback you could offer would be much appreciated! and I'd be happy to respond in kind, although as I say I'm rather lacking in experience!

        What are you writing at the moment? What's your WIP? 

        Thanks again,

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        • Hi Anita, I would be willing to beta read your MS for you. I'm pretty new to all this myself, so I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'm willing to give it a go for you.

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          • Hi Calvin,

            Thank you so much, any feedback/thoughts you can give me would be much appreciated. I've attached the ms as a word document here, and a list of questions to bear in mind while reading/think about at the end. but I've you'd rather just give me your general impressions that's ok too.

            Thank you again,

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            • Hi Anita,

              Please be aware that it may take me a while to read through the MS, but i will get back to you with my honest opinion as soon as I can.

              Kind Regards,


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              • No problem, I know everyone is busy! It’s taken me too long to even answer you.
                thank you for any time you can give to it. 

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