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Thank you to everyone who came to Jacquie's event on Blending Fact and Fiction to Create Historical Characters with Depth. I'd love to know about conflict in your WIPs: What is your protagonists' internal conflict, relational conflict and external conflict? Alsowhat major incident shaped your main character and made them the person they are? I highly recommend Jacquie's book – THE FRENCH HOUSE – which you can buy from Fox Lane Books!

    • For my NIP (not in progress) novel... 

      Internal conflict - Chloe is getting married to a man she wholly loves, but still hasn't quite gotten over the abrupt death of her girlfriend. 

      Relational conflict - She despises her fiance's mother (Bethan) - who seems to want her son all to herself. 

      External conflict - When Bethan's husband goes missing, Chloe begins to fear that her life is in danger. 

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      • Wow! I like the way everyone outlines the three circles of conflict. So, here goes:

        At 26, my MC feels quite ready for love but only wants someone who embodies her father's qualities ... internal conflict. She eventually finds love but struggles to fill the gaps her love interest leaves with respect to his strife to scale the hurdles in the way of their happily-ever- after... relational conflict. Of all their hurdles, the highest and widest is the caste system she never knew she belonged to... external conflict. 

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        • Adaora, this sounds RIGHT up my street!!

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          • Thank you, Anna! The novel is complete and will, hopefully, get a solid representation soon🤞🙏🙂. My MC is shaped by the nearly 9 year- wait her parents endured before she was born.

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            • I must catch the replay. Historical fiction is my fave, but I've never written about anything before the 1960's. Perhaps one day my historical and genealogical interests might co-mingle with my prose. 

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