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No longer scribbling alone!

Looking forward to this weekend very much. I won't mind much if my work is not what anyone's looking for - nor if it dawns on me that I'm not the writer I'd like to be.  Just the opportunity to participate in workshops and to be surrounded by other people facing the same demons as I am, is grand by me. 

Meanwhile - these 1:1s. I've chosen an agent and a book-doctor/publisher and am happy with my choice. Here's the rub - I'll try, but I doubt I'll even finish my first draft of 90k words although I'm on 65k now.  So, I wouldn't normally even approach an editor, let alone an agent at this point. Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm wondering whether to be frank up-front in my query letter, or tack it on apologetically at the end 8-)

I confess to embarrassment that it took me a year to get this far!

    • I wouldn't worry about it, RJ.  I took my so-called Work-in-Progress to York 2018 (I think!), and had a grand total of about 3000 words written at the time. In fact, I applied when I had nothing but a good idea, and I wrote those 3k specially. I booked in with two book-doctors and gave them 3k plus the "query letter I will write when I'm ready to query". They were perfectly happy to treat it as a theoretical exercise, and I got some excellent feedback.

      My problem is that, four years later, I've only crawled as far as 30k! (there were some big gaps, when I wasn't writing anything). But this time I'm signing up for 1-2-1s with a couple of agents, on the same basis - if I approached you in a couple of years time with a completed draft and a query letter like this, would you be interested? Hopefully, they won't mind either.

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      • Oh- that's reassuring. Cheers Paul. My track record is 3k a month, every month (I submit a chapter each month to a writers group). It puts the brakes on a bit, and I'd rather not edit as I go along - but the episodic feedback is very handy. I'm just glad to be past the saggy lump in the middle - which turned out to be great fun.

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      • In practical terms, I think I put a warning note across the top of the draft letter, in red, explaining the situation.

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        • I don't think you have a problem, as long as you have a complete synopsis, a well targeted query and the first 5k words. I'm tempted to say don't tell, then deal with the problem if the agent asks for the full MS, and what a lovely problem that would be!

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          • Thanks.  It's all good I think.  A recent email/note said something to that effect.  Thankfully relaxed about it now. 

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            • Thanks everybody. I've been worrying about this too.

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