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Hey guys, just popping in to say that unfortunately Friday's event on Psychology in Fiction with Maxine Mei-Fung Chung has been cancelled. We'll do everything we can to reschedule! (In the meantime, we'll see you tonight for a talk on combatting nerves, and on Wednesday to discuss the power of language.) 

In the meantime, let's have a chat anyway! Are you writing a psychological thriller? A historical novel with massive internal conflict? A story that deals with mental health? Let me know the ways in which psychology appears in your writing - and the challenges you face while writing... 

    • In my WIP – rom com – the love interest is doing a night course in psychology. I never really thought about it but it contributes to the way she interacts with my MC who is suffering with grief and substance misuse. 

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      • I love it when things align without you realising! Can't wait to read this one!

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      • In my WIP, I have numerous character with low self-esteem, gender dysphoria, substance misuse, body dysmorphic disorder, depression,anxiety, eating disorders and dissociation…much like the world we live in. 😏

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        • Definitely sounds like a reflection of the world! I think my next project will be featuring a gambling addict & a main character dealing with anxiety who just wants to be loved. 

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          • I like it! I’m already feeling empathy. What if the gambling addiction is Lotto tickets? 

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