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Hello! Very much looking forward to this weekend as it'll be the first in person writing event I've done since COVID, and I only found Jericho writers in that 2020 covid summer festival - very definitely the upside and bright spot in a very bad year. I've got two finished manuscripts (both unpublished) and am currently writing a totally new, and very different for me, novel. The covid years were initially great for having time to write, then awful for having too much time and getting lazy. So real life, and real people, coming back is grand.  I'm based just outside Glasgow, close to Loch Lomond and yeah, I know how lucky I am :-)

    • Hi Cath, 

      yes Covid was such a curse but also, for me, a blessing. It took away my paid employment for months, but it gave me time to write. First of all I just did more of the same, I write plays and suddenly wrote a lot of drama. But as it became clear that this was not going away any time soon (and once the government gave me enough money to survive for a few months) I decided this was the perfect moment to start writing that book I had been thinking about for years. Since then my writing life has been transformed. 

      Writing for theatre tends to be necessarily sociable, you can't avoid directors, designers, actors talking to you about the work, then there's the audiences. But with my novel I have barely spoken to a soul about it face to face. This festival is going to be daunting in that respect, but hopefully it will be great fun to meet other people in similar positions, and I hope inspirational too.

      Can't wait!


      PS. What's the novel about?

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      • Hi Cath, I'm so excited for York too as I started working at Jericho in December 2020, so I've never done an in-person even (other than our summer parties, but I don't think they count!). I'm also struggling with managing to write now we're back to 'real life'. Hoping seeing you all at York is the kick up the bum I need!

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