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Thanks to everyone who came along to Sarah Mahfoudh's event on THE POWER OF LANGUAGE. Let me know in the comments how you could relate your novel to the session. Has it made you want to change anything? Has it made you more aware of particular characters that you're writing? Let's chat!

    • I'll start - I always include LGBT+ characters in my writing because I'm gay and it's important to me! This is something that I feel quite comfortable writing as I know the community. But I know how important gay representation is to me, so I want to include representation of other minority groups, which can feel challenging if you're not sure if you're representing them right. 

      My advice on that - is to talk to people! Research the backgrounds you're writing about. When in doubt, sensitivity readers can be a good resource. 

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      • Hi Elsie, I agree - the key is to talk to people and research, as we should for all aspects of our novels. 

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        • Great point - I know some people are resistant to researching for sensitivity, but isn't this something we do for every aspect of our novels? 

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        • I aim to write my characters as individuals and include a variety of different characters, depending on the time period, genre story etc.

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          • Thanks for The Power of Language, Elsie -- and Sarah. I enjoy doing the relevant research but am not good at talking to people before I write. I'd rather write then show it to someone to see what they think. I get anxious about not wanting to seem to search other people's experiences for story ideas.

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