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No more events until next week, so I'd love to know - what are you writing this weekend? Is there something you've learned from a session so far that's given you an idea on how to continue (or what to change?). 

For me, I want to continue planning/plotting my psychological thriller - with some better police procedural knowledge thanks to Graham Bartlett's session and a stronger understanding of conflict from Jacquie Blouse's session. I've also had some brainwaves about characterisation while mulling it over on my head, so I'm excited to get some thoughts down on the page/screen.

    • Hmmm... I enjoyed the "DREADED SECOND NOVEL" chat, with Peng Shepherd, and checked out her first two books... The Book of M influenced a short story I'm working on, about a woman's response to a pandemic, as I thought a disease attacking the brain and causing forgetting was very plausible (though no shadowless!!!). Personally, I blame Stephen King's The Stand for my fascination with world-ending government conspiracies!

      "COMBATTING NERVES" was interesting as well, though I generally have no trouble talking (can you tell?), and have done lots of training and teaching (IRL). His techniques were interesting, and the tongue-twisters we shared in the chat were fun!

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      • You mentioned here "no more events until next week". What happened to the Exploring Psychology in Fiction with Maxine Mei-Fung Chung this evening? I dialled in and this one didn't connect a few times. Was it cancelled?

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        • Hi Duncan, yep it was! We did send out info about it, but seems not everyone received it! It's due to bereavement and we will try to reschedule ASAP. Ax

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