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I’m writing my first non fiction piece. It covers a series of events over 15 years which I played a small part in. The narrative is supplied from quoted testimonies of those involved, interwoven with the historical facts which provide the background. For each section of dialogue/testimony, I introduce the subject (ie, ‘Fred Davis was one of those involved, he recalls: “blah blah blah”’). The slight issue I have is that some of the testimony comes from myself.

It certainly isn’t enough to write the entire book in the first person (my involvement covers a few years of a 15 years story, and it really isn’t ‘my’ story to tell in this way), switching to first person just for my bits seems awkward, and writing my name feels weird (‘Tom Harris remembers: “blah blah...”’). I’m wondering if refering to myself as ‘The author’ is the best approach, or whether there is a ‘correct’ way of approaching this?

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, they would be very gratefully received.