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Hey all, just to let you know that we've changed the FNL deadline to give you more time to submit. The deadline is now 23:59 on August 7th. So if you were panicking trying to get your submission ready, you can take a deep breath - and then get back into editing! 


    • Hi Elsie

      My proposed FNL submission is a little longer than 500 words (actually comes to 532) does it have to be exactly 500 words or can it be a little longer?

      Thank you 

      Best wishes


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      • Ha ha. Mine was 545 and I stripped out redundancies to 499 😂   I remember reading somewhere that it was to nearest sentence, but if it's longer I'll be delighted to pop some poetry back in! 😎 

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        • We say to the nearest 500, but if you're really struggling we won't begrude you 30 extra words. Make sure they all count though!

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          • This is exactly what I was looking for. It still says on my festival dashboard 23.59 4th July but the submission form says 23.59 7th August. I wanted to check which was correct. So we can definitely submit after the 4th right? :)

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            • Is it too late to enter?

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              • No Jude. If you have 500 words, you can submit on the festival page of website up until eve of Aug 7th.  The website says you can submit word Doc or pdf - but you'll find the submission system only allows Word docs.

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