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Aaaaaaa I just spoke to THE Paula Hawkins for an hour! Off the back of that, I'd love to talk about character. 

Although this was thriller specific advice, I think it could apply to any genre. So, what is it about your character(s) that would make a reader invested in your story? 

(I'd also love to hear in general what you liked & if anything Paula said struck a chord with you. Let me know!) 

    • My MC is Chloe, a woman deeply in love with everything about her fiancé - except his mother. As well as that, she's still recovering from the sudden death of her girlfriend. She's very much desperate to be loved, even when love might not be what she needs. I haven't started writing yet and want to do some fleshing out soon - I want to find that x factor that makes her a character you can't help but root for. 

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      • Agreed! I loved what she had to say about creating psychologically believable characters (and how it's really the characters readers are coming for) and think it absolutely can apply to all genres. 

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