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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well, and that things aren't proving too horrendously challenging for you right now.

I am SERIOUSLY struggling to write at the moment. So this is the perfect group for me.

I have a Reception and a Y2 child at home. They're quite demanding. As, no doubt, all children are, whatever their age. It might be difficult for us, but it must be so hard and confusing for them too. I am trying to be understanding. 

I hadn't logged on to Jericho Writers in some time, but woke up yesterday and felt the urge to attempt to restart my writing!

Looking forward to being inspired by, learning from and maybe even groaning melodramatically with you all.



  • Hi Rebecca.
    Right with you on this - I’ve got one in reception and two pre-school age, so writing time is realistically once they’re in bed (by which time I am beyond exhausted!)

    I think I literally spend more time right now feeling guilty about not writing than I do writing.
    I normally do 90% of my writing on the train to work and during lunchbreaks - neither of which exist in lockdown land!
    I guess this is the point where I should come up with some amazing life hack on how to find writing time - but I’ve got nothing! Good luck and write a little if you can!


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    • Hello, you guys have just mentioned 'reception'...what is that?  I'm in Australia and never heard this term.  Is that pre-school (before kindy) or pregnant? Sorry to sound dumb, I used to live in London and never heard that then either. haha

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      • I totally understand your feelings and lack of time with little children, I did my teaching degree bachelor level with toddlers running around, so distracting.  But this lock-down has made me put everything on hold and I'm uninspired and praying I can pick things up soon.  Good luck and I'm so glad I'm not alone!  


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        • Hi Alex and Donna, 

          Hope you're both keeping well and surviving lockdown.

          Reception is the first year of formal schooling in the UK, for children aged 4 to 5. They start in the September if they are due to turn 5 during the following year.

          Things seem pretty much on hold here too. I surprised myself by writing 500 words the other day but that was a one-off. I can't even write my diary. 

          I too keep feeling guilty. I find myself thinking that if I really wanted to write, then I would make the time :/ but like you, Alex, I feel pretty much exhausted all of the time. I could get up early or I could write when they're asleep. But I NEED sleep too. Mine have a "Golden Time" hour in the middle of the day (free choice activity for them = screen time) so I could, in theory, write then. But there are often other things I have to do. And when there aren't I find myself reading the news (MUST STOP THIS!) or flitting around social media (MUST STOP THIS TOO!)

          I should stop being hard on myself. This is a very strange situation. It is hard for us and it's hard for the children, which we then try to help them with, but that's another load which will drain us further.

          But this I'm going to have mine at home for some time so I need to find a way to work.

          At least I'm reading a bit. At first I couldn't even concentrate on a book!

          I've signed up for the Jericho Writers festival and I'm hoping that that will help reinspire me. 

          Take care and stay well :)

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          • Hey all, I feel this! It’s so hard sometimes and by the end of the night, I could put a zombie to shame. Clean a room and the little rascals look around thinking, “challenge accepted! Activating tornado.”

            I’m a stay-at-home mom with an almost 5 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old. I type when they take a nap and sometimes when they’re awake and off playing. We have a small house, so I’m not just letting my 1 yr old wonder off into the unknown 😂 we play in the living room together.

            When they need me, I’m there. When they want to do their own thing, I giddily snatch my laptop and type what I can for the brief minutes they grant me. 

            Try not to feel guilty. Life happens and it’s tough. I try cleaning sections if the house at a time. Of course there’s the loads of laundry that seem to be multiplying at an unnerving rate, and dishes which are a daily chore. Thankfully, my husband helps me with this when he’s home from work. But you need your time too so be kind to yourselves!

            For creativity flow, I don’t know if this will help you, but it has helped me. I write multiple books at once (the side ones or more for fun and just to avoid writers block). When I need a break from editing my main novel, I switch over and start typing whatever comes to mind. Yes, sometimes it’s utter nonsense. But it works!

            I’m guilty of not being able to type everyday or whenever I have the chance to. Sometimes breaks from typing are needed. I’m also attending the festival and look forward to seeing what happens! You’re all doing wonderful and keep up the good work!! 

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