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A bead of sweat slipped down his forehead, along the crease between his brows and into his eye.

- I struggle with eyes, arms, hands, feet... I don't want to write 'into his left eye', as it seems odd to specify which eye. I don't want to write 'into an eye', which sounds as though there is a random eye lying around. But does 'into his eye' suggest that he only has one?

  • Unless you're writing about a cyclops I'm sure the reader will forgive you. But granted, some people can be finicky.

    You could say something like, the (glabella) crease guided the unwelcome bead of sweat into an already squinting eye.

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    • Thanks Charlie!

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      • And/or you could mention it rolling sideways off the bridge of his nose. No need to specify which way; unless it matters to the future plot, leave that to the reader's discretion.

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        • Thanks Rick :)

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          • to me this sentence seems a little long. i think maybe;

            [A bead of sweat slld down the middle of his forehead and into his eye]

            this seems tighter and less cluttered.

            IMHO of course...

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