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How is everyone doing? The best tip I've heard is to tire the kids out early, all the school work and activities when they have maximum energy in the morning (if possible) and then when you let them zonk out a bit in the afternoon, you can hopefully get some work done... this isn't always possible in our house but when we can do it this way, it definitely works best. What about you?

  • Definitely a good plan. Everyone feels better if you get going early. Mine are early risers (like 5am daily) so we’ve taken to going outside to have sunrise and birdsong with our Coco Pops (I know, not one of their five a day). Like you I still don’t get much done - but sometimes gives me a chance! 

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    • I hope everyone is keeping well - and sane!

      Mine do have "golden time" sessions throughout the day, but I find that those become my opportunities to do washing/cleaning/cooking :/ and just crashing exhausted on my bed :) :)

      So I DO have time that I could use, but I'm not using it very well!. I'm still in a rut of spending too much time looking at the news and social media. I'm hoping the Festival of Writing will help motivate me to keep a new resolution (made just this moment!) to stay off said news and social media and start spending some time writing again. Fingers crossed!

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      • I'm new to writing and at home with two young children. I have some time in the evenings but my brain is mush by then (and I stray to news etc far too easily) so trying to find other times in the day to get going. I keep telling myself it will be better come September but Im sure there will always be something so just got to find a way.

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        • I am also finding my brain to be mush in the evenings, at the moment. Before this all happened, I would sometimes write in the evenings. But for me, that's not a good time to write. My brain gets so hyped up and excited by the writing that I then can't get to sleep! Trying to find other times is the way forward. Good luck!

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