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I am interested in spy novels. There seems to be three fazes: the facility, the target, and the fallout. The truth is someone dies, but there is the secret side of a secret agent, in that it is a secret, a very dark secret. One wonders how a spy gets on, in the natural world. Is it all dark? Can they rely on their secret society? Or can they fall back on friends and family, and have a child? It is mystifying, but sometimes the secret world is kept a secret, because of the ease of passage, that shall come on like a three course meal - but we all have our day job, even characters in spy novels, and that is part of the story, though not too many parentheticals describe every secret, that most readers would be machinating through their brains. So yeah, lots of things to learn.

  • That's and interesting point Vincent and they seem to come in all shapes and sizes. If, as you say they have another occupation along with being a spy, which is the most secret? For instance, if they were a hard-bitten spy and wrote romance novels along the style of Barbara Cartland, which would you want to kept secret?

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    • Well look, I’m not familiar with Barbara Cartland, so that is the only answer that makes sense.

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