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There are at least two published writers that I know of, who home school ALL the time. Not just during lockdown. Sophie Anderson and Matt Haig. So it CAN be done!

Searching online for general advice for working whilst home schooling, it seems to come down to what Holly said below about finding slots when the children can be independent. 

The challenge I am finding at the moment is that when they are being more independent, I'm shattered! But that's something for me to work on...

Good luck everyone!

  • They may be excellent at getting into their zone, I don't work very well in snippets of time. I need a calm quiet stretch to get into the right frame of mind. I assume the volume of writing achieved may also be related to the age of the children too. 

    The littlest ones can be so exhausting and I think you are in a similar boat to me with ages Rebecca. My littlest is only 3 so too old to be napping but too young to understand that I need some time when I am not being disturbed. I also don't feel able to focus my mind on getting into the story while I am responsible for the children I always feel like I need to be on alert.

    Ideally I would like to find a way to snap my brain quickly into writing mode so that I can by-pass the news/random internet wind down phase that comes after they go to bed and get straight into it for a couple of hours.

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    • I'm afraid the more independent my toddler becomes, the more mischievous! :D 

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