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Greetings fellow authors!

What the heck is a velyr (do I really want to know)? We write science fiction (also historical fiction and nonfiction), so friend me if you're interested in talking about strange universes and odd creatures from other planets. Velyr are a cross between Mr. Spock and Tiggerr ... vampires on VH1... elves gone bad, I'm finishing up the first novel in what I hope may be a series and getting ready to do the agent query circuit. 

The velyr live in Greenville, SC, USA in a little house filled with books and photographs. When we're not off in our own little universe we're usually wandering about with a camera in one hand. We are way too addicted to Starbucks Flat White lattes and Mexican Coca-Cola, spend too much time daydreaming, and can frequently be spotted answering trivia questions for Alexa over on Amazon.

I'm happy I found this group - you seem a lively bunch of writers.