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I mentioned this post in my webinar - if you'd like to learn more about pre-marketing and branding, here you go:

This Is How To Create A Pre-Launch Strategy For Your Book
https://buff.ly/2Gk7vOH by @BadRedheadMedia 

  • Thank you! I will definitely study it.

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    • Thanks Rachel, appreciated.

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      • Thanks Rachel.

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        • Just clicked on pic above, read a bit of your post in medium. I can see from your profile in medium that you wrote the bestseller P. S. I Love You.  Under a pen name? We'd love to hear about it...

          Rachel Thompson

          Author, 6 books. Writer: The Every Day Novelist, P.S. I Love You, Athena Talks, The Writing Coop. Assault survivor/advocate. Marketer http://BadRedheadMedia.com

          From:  https://medium.com/@RachelintheOC

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          • Hi D.M. - oh, no...that's the name of the publication that accepted my piece on Medium. To learn more about my books, go to my website or visit Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Thompson/e/B004KTY7Q0


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